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Embedding development

Building capability in the workplace

Our built-in support is an effective route for building new ways of working, directly in your workplace. By bringing our development expertise into the working environment, we observe, facilitate, and coach leadership and project teams in real time, in a real environment, while they tackle their real business challenges.

This model brings our team closer to the key issues, allowing us to identify patterns, support the difficult conversations and interrupt unhelpful behaviours – making the results more relevant and more powerful:

Disrupting unhelpful patterns

We provide the approaches to identify the habitual (and hence, often unnoticed) patterns and practices that stand in the way of performance – then help you find ways of disrupting these to unlock your team’s potential.

Dealing with adaptive challenges

When the situation is novel, or the threat or opportunity is unclear, we provide the tools to help you tackle the unknown and move forward.

Maintaining disciplined attention

It’s all too easy become distracted in the complexity of an organisation – the pressure of the environment can often stop people from performing. We help keep your team’s focus on the task in hand.

Turning intentions into actions

Most leave a development programme with the intention of working differently, only for daily life to get in the way. By bringing learning into the workplace, we build new working practices – maximising the investment.

Our embedded methods

  • Individual leader development: We deliver support for individuals looking to apply development programme insights into their work. We sit alongside them and provide real-time coaching, feedback and skill development to ensure that the investment is fully realised.
  • Team coaching: Joining your team meetings, we provide support through a variety of routes – from providing observations and insights based on high-performing-team models, to intervening in real time to disrupt unhelpful patterns and build better ways of working.
  • Project team kick off: Regardless of the KPIs, milestones or tollgates, some projects fail to fully deliver their benefits because of the people involved. We work with the project leader and wider group to establish the right team dynamics and relationships with the wider organisation from the start.
  • Collective leadership: Leadership is not a solo endeavour. By working with individuals and teams from different parts of your organisation, we explore how they can break down traditional barriers and work more effectively together by developing sustainable relationships and shared perspectives.
  • The Well™: This model is designed on the premise that performance does not happen or evolve in a vacuum – but relies on a context of different factors, from other people’s performance and organisational culture, to under the table forces at play in our working lives. The Well™ brings people together for face-to-face discussion about an individual’s performance (usually from different levels), which then feeds into a wider conversation about its context. We facilitate this conversation, ensuring that it is honest, insightful and valuable.

To find an approach that meets the needs of your organisation and your people, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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