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Mastery of Strategic Influence

A personal development intensive for breakthrough performance

Do you need to achieve demanding strategic objectives in a business climate posing unprecedented challenges? This 3-½ day intensive workshop will help you harness the power of strategic influencing to become a truly effective business leader.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

FOR Directors and Senior Managers who…

  • already have a good level of behavioural skill and need to up their game to be more influential in the broader organisational arena.
  • are working in a matrix and need to be able to make things happen without any hierarchical authority.
  • need to work with other senior managers, in different functions, locations, companies and who have different priorities, to get things done and are finding it difficult to get them to act.
  • are in transition from an operational role to strategic contributor and for those who might be less than their best in certain challenging situations.
  • need to be able to identify, develop and work with a range of relationships and networks across boundaries to achieve personal and organisational objectives.

This intensive workshop will help you

  • Maintain pace and focus while managing organisational challenges.
  • Increase your capability to build effective relationships.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to develop your strategic network and use it effectively.
  • Manage your blind spots and limiting beliefs to be effective in demanding circumstances.
  • Develop approaches to hold authentic and courageous conversations, balancing candour with the need to build relationships.

Discover breakthrough performance

  • Price: £3450 + VAT (includes 3 nights accommodation)

“One of our managers described how, after the workshop, he went into a potentially explosive situation and changed his energy to get a really excellent resolution – they properly fixed the issue, really got to the root of it. And in addition they built a better relationship”.

Cathy Watson,
Head of Learning and Development
Together Money


Influencing for results

Building on more than 50 years of organisational experience and proven expertise, we have designed an intensive programme that can help you develop the key skills and attitudes needed to be more influential and, hence, deliver greater performance.

This will help you:

Improve your interpersonal impact and effectiveness
Clearly communicate, even in tricky conversations
Getting things done in a matrix

Facilitating in a complex environment

Effective facilitation is so much more than flipcharts and ice breakers. With this workshop, we can help you develop your skills to turn you into a powerful facilitator, equipped to shift the quality and effectiveness of interactions in your organisation.

This will help you:

Use your personal presence and skills, not tools
Read and respond to group dynamics
Optimise group interactions to maximise productivity
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