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Who we are

A team built to help leaders build relationships

Levati is a team of professionals with the expertise to help individuals and organisations be more effective.

Together, we create workplaces that enable the human spirit flourish. Because, in the purest sense, any organisation is a series of relationships. By showing senior leaders how to be better at fostering and developing those relationships, there’s an energising effect on the individuals and teams around them – sending a current that flows throughout the whole organisation, spreading ever-greater influence. The result: an exponential impact on the overall performance.

Our team has more than five decades of experience of delivering this process, providing the coaching and facilitation that makes that first spark. Together with our network of talented professional facilitators and certified executive coaches, we’ve worked with some of the world’s leading organisations, from Diageo, Kellogg and Ford, to BBC Worldwide, NHS, Warner Bros and British Red Cross, to name but a few.

Centrepoint - give homeless young people a future

Supporting Centrepoint

We are here to help people be the fullest version of themselves. Centrepoint have a similar mission, helping young homeless people overcome obstacles and achieve amazing things – and we’re proud to support their incredible work. Find out more about what they do.

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