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Game-changing leadership and organisational development

We want everyone to be the very best they can be at work. And we believe the key to improving performance – from individual output to organisational effectiveness, and at every step in between – lies in relationships. With better relationships comes exceptional performance.

Developing leaders and their teams, functions or companies comes down to improving the connections between people, increasing personal influence and being purposeful in every moment.

We know that it’s a tall order. But it’s one we’re well-equipped to fill. We take an approach that blends expertise, facilitation and personal coaching within a practical, pragmatic and collaborative environment. And the results are deep-rooted and wide-ranging – making a profound and lasting impact on any organisation.


Free push and pull clinics

So you did your Influencing skills workshop and could just do with:

  • A refresher
  • A memory prompt
  • Keeping your hand in
  • Practising for something particular

Fear not, we have just the thing for you. Virtual Push and Pull clinics. 90 mins of practice in small groups with Levati facilitators and other people who have also been on the workshop. It is like visiting the gym to keep your push and pull muscles in shape.  The next three clinics are on:

More dates coming soon.


We design and deliver programmes at the leading-edge of development – helping individuals, teams and organisations learn how to build more productive relationships and be more effective leaders.



We bring our expertise to the coalface of organisations, offering leadership and relationship development support in real time, in the real environment – having a real impact.



We stimulate, facilitate and manage the large-scale, impactful conversations that can reshape culture, helping you usher in transformation at the highest level.


“This has been transformational. It will impact so many areas of my life. I had an amazing four days. I would thoroughly recommend this course. Thank you for your insight and wisdom.”

Victoria Arnold

“I can honestly say Levati Learning run the best courses I have ever been on”.

Anthony Newman - Global Brand Director
Sea Life

“A fantastic experience. Thank you for pushing me and enabling me to use skills I didn’t realise I had. I have already started to use some of the behaviours today, all to good effect.”

Fiona Lavery
Water Aid

“A really well presented, supportive, thoughtful and thought provoking couple of days. As you can imagine I have been on a large number of courses during my career and this was right up there with the best.”

Richard Tugwell
Together Money

“The course was amazing and it has taken me all weekend to realise its effect on me. It has really opened my eyes.”

Julie Anne Marshall
Children’s Hospices Across Scotland

“I’ve worked with Levati in a number of guises. As organisational development specialists they had a tremendous impact on the leadership capability in our business. As coaches they helped our senior leaders and executives develop stronger strategic leadership challenges. And as a practitioner, they brought curiosity, insights and leading thinking to the table.”

Jen Usher – Talent Manager, UK
Asset Resolution Ltd.

“I attend many workshops and training sessions but this one was the best I have had in decades! I now understand that my needs are important and that how I position my influencing skills help to maintain who I am while still providing a superior customer experience.”

Sarmento Silva - Commercial Business Partner
Global Pharmaceuticals Company

“My work with Levati got me to think differently about how I can position my thinking and action to really help the business. They are particularly strong on holding people to account and making sure that things get done. They combine an excellent theoretical understanding with shrewd practical application, and tons of passion and enthusiasm.”

Head of Organisational Development
A leading Financial Services provider

“Levati are not afraid to ask the difficult questions and help you to work out solutions by yourself. They delve beneath the surface to understand underlying issues and challenges, then support you in working out how best to address these challenges.”

Andrew Jones – Chief Executive

“Levati’s style is very human and involving rather than clinical and staying on the surface like a lot of business consultants. They don’t try to dominate the agenda, but add true value to what they see going on. The way of giving feedback is direct but subtle enough to not insult anybody.”

Ulrich Koesters – Chief Program Engineer
Ford-Werke GmbH


Together, we have over five decades’ experience of delivering leadership development and organisational transformation services to major businesses and public sector institutions.

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