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Helen Lockhart

“The experience of my first job was not the most inspiring. However what it did give me was I lifelong quest to make the working environment one where people feel valued, where they can grow and develop and connect with a sense of how they contribute to a purpose. This personal purpose of creating conditions for people to feel seen, valued and to grow has been part of my Organisation Development practice for over 25 years in both private and public sectors. I build on my Masters in Occupational Psychology and Certificates in OD and Systemic Team Coaching, to develop pragmatic and innovative approaches to developing leaders, teams and organisations and I approach each of my assignments with a curiosity and energy about creating the art of the possible. My colleagues and clients tell me that I bring warmth and compassion which quickly creates psychological safety and, in turn, enables people to trust me and open up to new insights.

On a personal level I live in a small coastal town just outside Belfast and one of my daily routines is to walk along a rugged cliff path to a lighthouse. My husband and I are also lucky to have a flat in Harrogate and Yorkshire is definitely my adopted 2nd home.”

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