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Influencing for results

You don’t influence projects, timelines or budgets – you influence people

Influencing for Results© is a three day intensive workshop aimed at helping you develop confidence and capability in a wide range of influencing behaviours – to deliver results effectively and efficiently while building and strengthening relationships at work.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

For Directors and Senior Managers who…

  • want to broaden their range of interpersonal influence skills to achieve results in different contexts.
  • need to influence a wider range of individuals at different levels and teams of people in different parts of their organisations.
  • need to have tricky conversations in order to deliver results.

This intensive workshop will help you

  • Develop a broader skills set of influencing behaviours increasing your impact in a wide range of settings.
  • Gain capability in using tools and frameworks to help plan and execute influentially to achieve desired results.
  • Build confidence in influencing a wider range of people in changing contexts – increasing your ability to deliver objectives.
  • Build deeper self-awareness of your influencing strengths and development areas, enabling you to continually learn and grow beyond the workshop.
  • Understand when you have a positive impact and when you have a negative one – and what you can do differently.
  • Have a robust, tested action plan to put influencing skills into practice immediately.

Master the art of influencing

  • Price: £1,950 + VAT
  • Location: Online
  • Dates: 19th to 21st March 2024
  • Price: £1,950 + VAT
  • Location: Online
  • Dates: 8th to 10th October 2024

“A really well presented , supportive , thoughtful and thought provoking couple of days. I have been on a large number of courses during my career and this was right up there with the best.”

Richard Tugwell
Together Money



In a climate offering unprecedented challenges, it’s never been more difficult to achieve objectives. With this 3½ day intensive workshop, we will help you harness the power of strategic influencing to become a truly effective business leader, helping you:

This will help you:

Maintain pace and focus while managing organisational challenges
Gain a deeper understanding of how to develop your strategic network and use it effectively
Manage your blind spots and limiting beliefs to be effective in demanding circumstances
Hold authentic and courageous conversations, balancing candour with relationship-building

Facilitating in a complex environment

Effective facilitation is so much more than flipcharts and ice breakers. With this workshop, we can help you develop your skills to turn you into a powerful facilitator, equipped to shift the quality and effectiveness of interactions in your organisation.

This will help you:

Use your personal presence and skills, not tools
Read and respond to group dynamics
Optimise group interactions to maximise productivity
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