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Facilitating in a complex environment

Because getting the best out of everyone is essential in all successful organisations

In today’s complex organisations, there is no place for ineffective leadership team meetings or unproductive conversations in project teams. For line managers, staff specialists and project leaders, facilitating effective interactions and collaborative working is a core skill for bringing out the best in everyone, necessary to reach those complex outcomes.

We have decades of experience of running highly experiential workshops that deliver practical improvements in people’s skills and confidence in facilitating others.

Our facilitators are highly skilled at helping people to behave differently before they leave the workshop; we work with the minimal amount of theory to provide a sound footing and then maximise practice, feedback and experiential learning to generate deep learning that is the basis of sustainable changes in behaviour.

A 4-day intensive course

Tailored to meet your specific needs… this workshop typically runs over four days where managers achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase your awareness of your own qualities, skills, presence and energy, which support or hinder your ability to facilitate.
  • Develop an increased range, flexibility and depth of skill in facilitating groups and individuals to achieve their tasks.
  • Understand frameworks and models and appropriate use of different techniques.
  • Read and respond to group dynamics through your facilitation approach.
  • Optimise team interactions to maximise productivity.

Unlock total team performance

  • Price: £2495 + VAT (excludes any accommodation costs)

“This course taught me so much: ‘If they like you, they will listen to you. If they trust you, they will do business with you.’ ”

Alison Kelly
Head of Change


Influencing for results

Building on more than 50 years of organisational experience and proven expertise, we have designed an intensive programme that can help you develop the key skills and attitudes needed to be more influential and, hence, deliver greater performance.

This will help you:

Improve your interpersonal impact and effectiveness
Clearly communicate, even in tricky conversations
Getting things done in a matrix


In a climate offering unprecedented challenges, it’s never been more difficult to achieve objectives. With this 3½ day intensive workshop, we will help you harness the power of strategic influencing to become a truly effective business leader, helping you:

This will help you:

Maintain pace and focus while managing organisational challenges
Gain a deeper understanding of how to develop your strategic network and use it effectively
Manage your blind spots and limiting beliefs to be effective in demanding circumstances
Hold authentic and courageous conversations, balancing candour with relationship-building
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