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Leadership development

Learning that raises individual and organisational capability

We believe that there’s one thing that is fundamental to any organisation’s performance: relationships. When individuals and teams have a clear sense of purpose, a high sense of self-awareness and – vitally – the tools to build productive relationships, the results can be limitless.

That’s where our expertise lies – and it’s the ethos behind every one of our workshops.

We know that organisations today need to adapt constantly, instilling a culture that thrives on the inspiring and active leaders who can engage people and motivate real commitment. Even in the face of growing challenges and ever-more complex networks, we offer the tools to be your best at work – learning effective skills, making them part of your approach and helping you transform your organisation.

Our workshops provide development that goes far beyond improving individual performance. By bringing people together to learn, they generate the power to invigorate relationships across entire organisations – providing the first surge that boosts the whole network, helping everyone work more cohesively in future strategic tasks. The effect touches every individual – energising performance on the widest scale.

Core Skills, Principles and Models

Our workshops are built around the same core practices we think are crucial to effective learning and change. So whatever the programme, we:

  • Work live in the room to raise self-awareness of patterns.
  • Develop a depth of giving and receiving feedback to enhance performance.
  • Share sophisticated skills and tools to have conversations, like how to hear what is not being said.
  • Provide modelling and expertise that help build relationships to transform situations.
  • Bring your experience and contexts into the room to ensure your learning is purposeful.


Mastery of Strategic Influence

In a climate offering unprecedented challenges, it’s never been more difficult to achieve objectives. With this 3½ day intensive workshop, we will help you harness the power of strategic influencing to become a truly effective business leader, helping you:

  • Maintain pace and focus while managing organisational challenges
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to develop your strategic network and use it effectively
  • Manage your blind spots and limiting beliefs to be effective in demanding circumstances
  • Hold authentic and courageous conversations, balancing candour with relationship-building

Influencing for results

Building on more than 50 years of organisational experience and proven expertise, we have designed an intensive programme that can help you develop the key skills and attitudes needed to be more influential and, hence, deliver greater performance.

This will help you:

  • Improve your interpersonal impact and effectiveness
  • Clearly communicate, even in tricky conversations
  • Get things done in a matrix

Facilitating in a complex environment

Effective facilitation is so much more than flipcharts and ice breakers. With this workshop, we can help you develop your skills to turn you into a powerful facilitator, equipped to shift the quality and effectiveness of interactions in your organisation.

This will help you:

  • Use your personal presence and skills, not tools
  • Read and respond to group dynamics
  • Optimise group interactions to maximise productivity


Our approach isn’t limited to a few workshops. We offer our core skills and development principles through a wide range of different programmes and projects to meet your needs. This includes:

Inspiring leadership

Developing the collective starts with the individual. To give your leadership team the tools to tackle business challenges, we start by helping every manager discover their authentic leadership approach.

Managing people through change

Change is a necessary part of business life. By giving managers an engagement approach to complement structural change management, we can make both the change and the result more effective.

Coaching for performance

With coaching focused on improved performance, we can help you fuel the continual growth and development of your organisation’s capability.

Business partnering

Whatever the function – from finance to HR – internal specialists can be seen as outsiders: experts who appear at the last minute, or slow the team down. We help you bring the full strength of your specialism to the business.

Leading effective teams

Successful teams have successful leaders. Working from the foundations of building more productive relationships, we can help you lead and develop high performing teams.

To find an approach that meets the needs of your organisation and your people, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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