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Case studies

Expertise honed by experience

Our approach is highly personal, deeply experiential and fuelled by feedback. There is no one-size fits all. So although our expertise may fit into brand categories of activity, the services we provide are tailored to the people we work with and the goals they’re working toward.

We think the results speak for themselves. Discover the impact we’ve made for organisations like yours.


Programmes at the leading-edge of development


Bringing our expertise into organisations


Starting conversations that reshape culture


Leadership development

NHS Leadership Academy


The NHS Leadership Academy exists to develop and grow high quality professional leadership across the NHS in England.  This is aimed at creating a positive culture that enables collaborative leadership to deal effectively with the enormous demands on the NHS. The Academy aims to create a culture of compassion and care across the NHS, where Directors face into and deal with challenges, the like of which has not been known before. We have supported and facilitated two core programmes, both of which are experienced by participants as profound and transformational.

  • The Directors Programme: This programme helps people lead through high levels of complexity and also bring more of their humanity. In action learning sets of 6 or 7 they developed greater self-awareness, sense of personal leadership purpose and the capacity to hold one another to account and provide feedback, support and challenge.
  • The Nye Bevan Programme: This is an accredited Masters level programme, built on core self-managed learning principles and run over one year. Action learning sets are the core experiential learning vehicle offering feedback and support and challenge to one another on their progress in their development and on their contribution to the set.



The introduction of new engineering programmes required a shift in leadership style and more working cross functionally because of the level of complexity and the need to solve problems quickly. The leadership development work we did with the whole leadership population including the executives gave people skills and a language to get to the heart of the issue with each other and resolve problems at pace. The combination of these elements led to wider awareness of the organisation and to sustained behaviour changes when working cross-functionally. This propelled a period of significant change from legacy ways of working to new products and governance.

BBC Worldwide (now BBC Studios)


We designed and facilitated a leadership development process aimed at growing a leadership cadre globally and readying participants for executive level appointments. The programme brought together elements of authentic leadership and effective leadership behaviours with a focus on the strategic context of BBCWorldwide at the time. One of the particular strategic challenges for BBC Worldwide was its position as the commercial arm of a licence fee funded, public service broadcaster. Some cultural and purpose tensions existed that required sensitive negotiation. Very soon after the programme had taken place the CEO was already noticing changes in the collective leadership of the Global Leadership Team.

Global Pharmaceutical Company


We work with the global procurement and European compliance teams to develop strategic influencing skills in the UK, US and Far East. Our work has developed relationships internally that enable the teams to work more effectively with each other as well as providing skills, insights and behavioural development to improve influencing for results with key external stakeholders.

“increased confidence in influencing senior stakeholders”

“strategies to engage and bring along colleagues with different priorities”

“helped me understand more deeply how the political and business context affect decisions”

“great experience – greater self awareness and understanding what motivates others”

Global Charity Organisation


We developed facilitation skills for internal senior leaders and HR professionals, enabling them to improve the quality of their meetings and group events to increase engagement and ensure that any issues are identified as early as possible. They report being a lot more confident in how they operate with groups, able to steer the conversation in a purposeful direction and understand the impact on dynamics of the small things they do. Observers say they are much better at exploring the range of views in the room, surfacing assumptions and surfacing things that might be a problem further down the line.


Embedding development

Scottish Government Executive Agency

Public Sector

We supported the executive leadership team in implementing a brand new executive agency of the Scottish Government. This includes effective collaborative and team working within the team, with the overall programme and with Scottish Government ministers and civil servants.

Global Charity organisation


We’ve worked with the executive board to enable them to have deeper and more challenging conversations with each other. This has involved 121 coaching and facilitating away days with the team to identify less helpful patterns and to develop the trust and skills required to stay in healthy tension for longer. There is now an increase in challenge both within the team, and by them role modelling changes in approach, within the wider leadership teams and organisation.


Organisational transformation

NHS systems leadership

Public Sector

One of the key challenges for the NHS in addressing its budget deficit is to ensure the right people receive the right care, which requires various agencies to work collaboratively. This requires a number of partner organisations to work together as though they are one organisation, despite their different cultures and governance. Using large group interventions and an approach based on viral change and storytelling we have been helping the Leeds Health and Social care system to build system leadership and create a connected culture across the different partner organisations. The effect has been to shift how people see each other and create depth of relationship and a readiness to work together.

“I found this event the most inspiring leadership event I have attended for years”


Financial Services

With a focus on improving quality to customer, we designed and facilitated leadership conferences to shift them from being information transmission in the hope that people will do something different as a result, to the whole leadership group working collectively on the real challenges of the business. Alongside changes to their performance framework, these highlighted the need for quality and the barriers to the organisation achieving their targets. These included cross functional sharing of objectives, bringing the customer/service user into the room, and structured conversations between front line employees and the executive board to explore systemic issues that the executive team were blind to. The impact was improved quality measurements within the performance management framework and greater trust between senior management and the organisation.

Together Money

Financial Services

Developing a shared language across the organisation and working with the larger leadership group on their collective leadership of the business. The combination of our style of leadership development plus working more directly on the culture has unlocked something in this business. They have found a way to talk about many things that had previously been undiscussable and, as a result, problems that had been lurking for some time are getting resolved rather than “papered over”. In turn this is enabling them to deliver on their ambitious goals for the organisation.

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