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Organisational transformation

Reshaping culture & improving working patterns

We help organisations become better – not only performing at a higher level as a unit, but providing a setting where individuals can flourish. By helping you change the conversation and foster transformation at the strategic level, we encourage leaders to unleash their full ability and complete commitment – with a shared language to better understand each other and a framework for mutual support. The impact is profound, making a fundamental shift to culture, retooling working patterns and transforming organisational effectiveness.

This can take the form of a range of different activities, shaped around your organisation’s needs, including:


Bringing a large number of senior people together can be an expensive matter, so it’s important that the time is used well. Yet, too often, conferences are built around a series of presentations, with the hope that the information presented will resonate, staying with all the attendees.

Instead, we offer methods of actively using the collective intelligence of everyone in the room. There are no games or abstractions, just energising and creative ways of working that ensure both the individuals and the organisation move forward.

For instance:

We’ve helped senior leadership connect with front-line employees, providing the forum to listen to their experience of working in the business – generating the kind of unprecedented insights that drove sustainable organisational change.

We’ve worked with an organisation to share and align objective-setting across the whole business by getting teams to work functionally and cross-functionally during a one-day leadership conference.

We’ve used World Cafe and Open Space approaches to help organisations to generate new ideas on their projects and products, and to solve complex problems that would otherwise take weeks to work out.

Partnerships between organisations

In the complex business world where cross-team or cross-functional collaboration can offer its own challenges, forging partnerships between different organisations can seem almost impossible. We have helped both commercial businesses and public sector bodies build partnerships, whether through joint ventures or partnerships.

Organisations are built around different sets of assumptions, perspectives and ways of working. Our role is to help all sides of a partnership better understand these, to identify the common ground and find ways of working that deliver value to all parties.

Strategy and innovation facilitation

For organisations looking to chart a new direction or develop their strategy, we can provide a way forward. We’re not the kind of consulting firm that will tell you what your business should do. Instead, we offer expertise in enabling the focused conversations and debates about what your organisation does and how it should evolve.

We are not experts in what you do; we’re experts in helping you have the key conversations that will drive your organisation forward. We make sure there’s honesty and candour – making your difficult strategic decisions easier to tackle.

To find an approach that meets the needs of your organisation and your people, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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