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David Nicholson

David Nicholson

“I’m passionate about enabling the right conversations, so that people and teams see beyond their own view of the world and explore different possibilities. That creates an environment where people can work creatively and productively, build better relationships with each other – which helps them to grow and in turn to makes the organisation more successful.

I’ve spent over twenty years supporting people and organisations helping to build better relationships and encouraging different conversations to create change and which lead to higher performance. It was a driver for me to push on and study for a Masters in People and Organisational Development.

My experience includes working in complex and dynamic organisations across a range of sectors, including engineering, financial services, manufacturing, and education. I’ve worked internationally, starting my career in Poland, and working with teams and groups from the USA and across Europe. I am a trustee of an international arts organisation – Unlimited Theatre – where I have also held the role of chair.

I am now a full time partner at Levati, and I live in Lancashire with my family and our two dogs.”

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