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How Listening To Google Can Make A Workshop Really Successful

How listening to Google can make a workshop really successful

Paul Santagata, Head of Industry at Google put it well when he summarised the results of their two year study into team performance, and what makes great ones better: “there is no team without trust”. Top of the list of things that make good team great is Psychological Safety, which is the cornerstone for all other behaviours, enabling teams to communicate openly and honestly.

We love this because we have known for some time that we do something special with groups of people that enables them to go further in our workshops. Most groups say to us, “That was amazing. Was this a special group?” The answer is no, but it is a special experience and rare for many people. Being held safely enables people to create breakthrough performance because they take more risks and move towards things they would rather steer away from.

Levati workshops are at heart all about change. We have three open workshops – Influencing for results, Mastery of Strategic Influence, and Mastery of Facilitation Skills and a wide range of in house workshops.. At three and four days, they are intensive workshops designed to really get to the core of your individual style, and are aimed at helping you develop confidence and capability in a wide range of behaviours – to deliver results effectively and efficiently while building and strengthening relationships at work.

“I can honestly say Levati Learning run the best courses I have ever been on”.
Anthony Newman, Global Brand Director, Sea Life

Our attendees find these workshops uplifting and enlightening, and above all practical and effective. They are also collaborative and deeply personal. We create an environment of Psychological Safety in our workshops so that you can experiment and move beyond what you would habitually do. And we can teach you how to create psychological safety with the people you work with. So that you can create powerful conversations that matter, and where you can be safe to learn and grow your personal and professional skills.

One of our managers described how, after the workshop, he went into a potentially explosive situation and changed his energy to get a really excellent resolution – they properly fixed the issue, really got to the root of it. And in addition they built a better relationship”.
Cathé Watson, Head of Learning and Development, Together Money

Psychological safety helps us be more human – and to bring more humanity to work. It’s an enabler for teams, a basis for development and an environment where new ideas and behaviours can take root. It’s an essential for a Levati workshop.

While you’re here – check out our new video on the link below about our workshops and how we think, and take the first step on your journey by completing our questionnaire to discover your current influencing style.

Hope to see you on a workshop soon

Liz and Frances – the Levati Team.

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