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The Airport Bookshop Conundrum

The airport bookshop conundrum

Or practical tips on picking the right read

It seems to be the lot of the manager, leader, or change professional to spend a lot – and sometimes
we mean a lot – of time hanging around in airports and lounges waiting for flights as you either get
there early, or get delayed. Again. And unless you’ve brought something to read with you, you’ll find
yourself in the airport bookshop standing in front of the “Management “ section.

My, that’s a lot of books with very earnest and dynamic titles. All good stuff, and probably essential
reading. But boy do they look dull. Somewhere in there is inspirational gold. But where ? How do
you know what is gold, and what merely glitters?

Having been there too many times ourselves, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know
some of our personal favourites. Books that we have read and found really interesting, with insights
and tips that make sense and are worth following.

We love the classics – Drucker, Sinek, Welch, De Bono, Peters, Collins, and of course one or two
others. But there are some really good reads on specific aspects of what you can do to build your
influence, manage situations, and get the best outcomes you can. We have a collection of these on
our new website on the “Interesting stuff” pages. Covering everything from Leading from the Future
to what World Café really is and how to use it, we have around 30 books with comments and

These are our personal opinions, shaped over years of delivering courses, workshops and one on one
coaching, but maybe – just maybe – it might help you to pick a read at the airport that’ll make the
time just fly by.

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