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How To Make A Positive, Powerful Impression

How to make a positive, powerful impression

Imagine you could have just the impact you intended to have. How powerful would that be? What would you achieve?

Levati can help you achieve it through our Influencing for Results three-day intensive workshop aimed at helping you develop confidence and capability in a wide range of influencing behaviours. The workshop is designed to help you leverage all of your conversations to deliver results effectively and efficiently while building and strengthening relationships at work.

Our facilitators are highly skilled and observant, offering close attention to every individual. It’s an environment where everyone is stretched, and where everyone learns new behaviours and finds ways of sustaining that behaviour change. Our clients often come back to us many years later, because their influencing skills workshop was such a powerful, memorable experience. Here’s what a few of them have told us about their experience:


“A really well-presented, thoughtful

and thought-provoking couple of days.

I’ve been on a large number of courses

during my career and this was right up

there with the best.”


“A fantastic experience. It is enabling

me to use skills I didn’t realise I had.”


“This has been transformational. It will

impact so many areas of my life.”


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The Levati Team

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